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Beacon Press

  • Gayl Jones
    From Beacon Press
    The new edition of an American fiction masterpiece, this is the harrowing story of Ursa Corregidora, a blues singer in the early 20th century forced to confront the inherited trauma of slavery.

Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    Traditions and habits can be changed or broken and that’s not always bad. It doesn’t mean we didn’t learn or like what we did in the past, it just means that we moved on to something else and that’s okay too.
  • By Elea Kemler
    In the eighteen years I’ve served as minister of my small-town congregation, I have led 96 memorial services, most for people I have loved. The longer I stay, the deeper I love and the more I grieve.
  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    My oldest child was confused: why would no one stop and help us? Even though people weren’t stopping to help us, my son said, he wanted to be more like me and stop to help someone anyway.
  • By Maureen Killoran
    With a name like mine, it’s easy to guess I’m Irish. My forebears were among the millions who struggled to escape Ireland’s disastrous...
  • By Marisol Caballero
    Everyone needs comadres and compadres . What are those? Well, Latinx* people have way more relatives than many other families. Most people...
  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    It took me 37 years to recognize that I had been cloistered off from the beauty, the richness, and the heartbreaking complexity of other people’s experiences.

inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop

Pacific Western Region

  • Resources and models for children, youth, and adults to engage together in community service as a faith development opportunity.

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

UU World

  • By Sonja L. Cohen
    Photographs from the 2018 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
    Image credit: The Youth Caucus speaks in favor of a bylaw amendment at GA 2018
  • By Sonja L. Cohen
    A congregation bonds over its multiyear collaborative quilt project.
    Image credit: Pat Sturtzel works the long arm quilting machine for a collaborative quilt.

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Natalie Fenimore
    I'm in love with the Unitarian Universalism that does not yet exist. But I have to hold both the love for that thing and the love for the reality.
  • By Lori Gorgas Hlaban
    We light our chalice flame for all our siblings of the rainbow, living life out, with Pride.
  • By Laura Bogle
    We gather here to remember this is our home, but not just ours.
  • By Jennifer Willet
    What images comes to mind when I say, “Labor Day”? ...
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    The Quinceañera tradition has its roots in the ancient cultures of Central and South America, and in Mexican Catholicism. It is a solemn as well as joyful custom, that honors the moment when a girl begins to take responsibility for her own values, commitments, and place in the world.
  • By Douglas Taylor
    Across the generations, this flame comes to us. We join in the line and we carry the flame forward.
  • By Israel Buffardi
    Take a deep breath and try to find the restorative power of air and water in the breath.
  • By Kathy Schmitz
    An interactive nativity story, or mini-pageant.
  • By Joanna Fontaine Crawford
    Welcome to [name of your congregation]. I want to take a moment to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who's visiting us. Rather than...
  • By Aoife Barrington-Haber
    As the child leaves the doorstep, the parent prays: Please, keep my child safe, And give me the courage to let them go out to explore the...
  • By Lindasusan Ulrich
    For all the mothers and mother figures... For all the communities that mother and for all who depend on the Great Mother. You are held — and beloved.
  • By Jules Jaramillo
    This morning, we gather together to worship as a community of all ages. Let us take a moment to look around at those of us sharing this...
  • By Elizabeth Stevens
    We give thanks for your presence among us. You are living examples of courage and perseverance. We give thanks for the stories you have...
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    Welcome to this sacred celebration of emerging adulthood. We are gathered today to rejoice and bear witness as (name) and her parents and friends mark her transition from childhood to the estate of a young woman. The quinceañera tradition has its roots in the ancient cultures of Central and South...
  • By Katie Romano Griffin
    May the flame of this chalice, the symbol of our faith, connect us to all who have come before us, all who are with us in body and and...
  • By Katie Romano Griffin
    Come, let us enter this space of hope and community. Come, let us enter this space with our sorrows, our joys, our passion and compassion...
  • By Gwen Matthews
    Once upon a time, a baby was born. Even before that baby was born, there were people waiting and wishing and hoping for that baby. The...
  • By Lori Walke
    Holy One, on this day of remembrance we say aloud their names again: the names of those who died this year. Died — the word is jarring. So...
  • By Connie Simon
    This is the hour. The time has come. Mindful of our responsibilities as leaders of this faith and guardians of the living tradition, we...
  • By Meredith Olson
    We were all children once, and we carry fragments of our childhood times with us. Today, let us honor those children who walked before us,...
  • By Kris Cervantes
    Rest now, Rest in the peace of this moment. Be at ease. Look up at the stars, and down at the grass: Imagine the stars looking back at you...
  • By Laura Evonne Steinman
    Let us listen deeply to what is on our hearts, Let us listen to what our fears are; Let us listen to the young children, Let us listen to...
  • By Ella Boyer
    As we create and share sacred space together, let us reflect upon what brings us here. We have all come here for different reasons, from...
  • By Josh, Prudence, & Percival Robern
    We are all flames. When we gather hand in hand our church our community our home We inspire, We celebrate, We come together Sharing our...
  • By Leah Hart-Landsberg
    Today—and on all other days—may we give thanks for the fathers, papas, pop-pops, dads and daddies who represent for us the steadfast...
  • By Lilia Cuervo
    From the time I was a baby, my mother often displayed her love for me by reciting a list of endearments such as: mi chiquitica linda, mi...
  • By Selena Fox
    We kindle this flame with love for mothers and foremothers past, present, and future; We kindle this flame in celebration of community and...
  • By
    Our words for the chalice lighting were written from the perspective of Jessica Star Rockers. Perhaps her specific memories will elicit...
  • By Amy Petrie Shaw
    We recognize and honor today every dad who stood as their child shouted at them in anger or frustration. Every dad who tried to understand...
  • By Myke Johnson
    Each of us has gifts and wounds from those who fathered us. This is inevitable; even the best fathers in the world disappoint their...
  • By Myke Johnson
    I invite you into a period of quiet meditation. Close your eyes if you wish, and get comfortable in your seat. Think about the father-...
  • By Rod Richards
    On this Father’s Day, we recognize the vast spectrum of experience and the often-complicated feelings that surround such a celebration. We...
  • By Kristin Kany
    Kristin Kany wrote this multi-voice poem in 2016 to be read by a group of "diverse moms." I am mother Mother 1: I am Mother Mother 2: I am...
  • By Quinn G. Caldwell
    One of my favorite things about all the rituals and traditions attached to this time of year is the way they mess with time. My husband and...