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  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    From WorshipWeb
    I come from a long line of strong Black women. My grandmother used to share stories about how she caused “trouble” in town when a white man hired her to put up the displays in his store window. At that time, all the Black women in town worked as domestics in the homes of white ladies, or in the...
  • By Katie Gelfand
    From WorshipWeb
    This story is great to be acted out by four women (of applicable ages for each direction) around a large bowl/vessel. ...
  • By Oge Mora
    In this warm and tender story by the Caldecott Honor-winner join a mother and daughter on an up-and-down journey that reminds them of what’s best about Saturdays: precious time together
  • By Karen G. Johnston
    From Braver/Wiser
    With a single generous gesture from my older child, her sister's belief in Santa stayed intact that year.
  • By Tania Márquez
    From WorshipWeb
    The voices of our people call us now; the world harbors their joys and their sorrows.
  • By Florence Caplow
    From WorshipWeb
    We honor and remember those who have passed into the mystery.
  • By Lyn Cox
    From WorshipWeb
    Today we gather with the saints and sinners and souls who have been, are being, and will be this congregation, as we open up a new path to the future.
  • By Kris Willcox
    From UU World

    Nearly 13 percent of cohousing residents identify as Unitarian Universalists, according to a 2012 survey.

  • By Karen G. Johnston
    From WorshipWeb
    Let us be thankful and full of praise to be in the company of those who came before, yet are ever in our midst.
  • By Amy Zucker Morgenstern
    From WorshipWeb
    Those who have been a part of us remain within and around us, sustaining us like our blood, like rain.