Food Justice

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  • By Heather Beasley Doyle
    From UU World

    A Breakthrough Congregation’s teen-led religious education program revitalizes First Religious Society in Carlisle, Massachusetts.

  • By Denise Cawley
    From WorshipWeb
    Love our Earth. Take action to consume less, use less energy and respect water.
  • By William E. Swing
    From WorshipWeb
    “There’s a hunger beyond food that’s expressed in food, and that’s why feeding is always a kind of miracle. It speaks to a bigger desire.”...
  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    From Braver/Wiser
    Light We Seek, wherever I am on the journey toward wholeness for all of us—that is, toward racial equality—help me to forgive myself and others for missteps and missed opportunities, and guide my efforts to build up the relationships where love, justice, and understanding grow.
  • By Elaine McArdle
    From UU World

    Unitarian Universalist ministers say their community ministry—which provides food and community space—will not slow down.

  • By Sarah Movius Schurr
    From WorshipWeb
    This sermon refers to, and includes, the emerging ritual of a "chocolate communion." If you're seeking to incorporate our Unitarian...
  • By Nicole Janelle
    From WorshipWeb
    In this spiritual practice, my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box creates a space for contemplation, appreciation and wonder.
  • By Kimberly French
    From UU World

    The same gallon of water required by a single California almond—a food I love and eat every day—can grow one pound of crickets.

  • By Debra Smith
    From WorshipWeb
    We are hungry for something that feeds more than bodies. We want the loaves and the fishes, the water and the wine of sweet justice for all.
  • From Tapestry of Faith
    A Celtic pagan story from Ireland, told by Erica Helm Meade in her book of wisdom tales, The Moon in the Well (Peru, Illinois: Open Court/...