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  • By Jude Geiger
    From Braver/Wiser
    We can’t turn back the clock to save lives, but maybe we can change our addiction to productivity that enables our leaders to fail us so tragically.
  • By William R. Murry
    "A lucid, intellectually honest, and convincing prescription for leading an authentic life of love, reason, and joy..." -John B. Hooper, President, HUUmanists
  • By Lyn Cox
    From WorshipWeb
    Spirit of Life, Source of Love, you who know our struggles and failures as well as we know them ourselves, be with us as we enter into this time of reflection. Give us the courage to travel through a moral inventory of our lives, to notice the places where we have missed opportunities to live our...
  • By Sharon D. Welch
    From WorshipWeb
    The ground of challenging injustice is gratitude, the heartfelt desire to honor the wonder of that which is.
  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    From WorshipWeb
    You’re on a television game show where you’re offered a choice of two doors to open: If you open door #1, you will receive a million dollars. If you open door #2, your ten nearest neighbors (but not you and your family) will receive a million dollars.
  • By Jeffrey A. Lockwood
    From UU World

    Cultivating human virtue, respecting the animal, defining oneself.

  • By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group
    Learning from the best practices of many Unitarian Universalist congregations, the UUA Safety Team and Youth Roundtable have developed recommendations for congregations to keep teenage youth safer from harm.
  • One of the Leader Resources from the now out of print book Creating Safe Congregations (1997) restates our Unitarian Universalist...
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    From UU World

    What we are willing to say about the universe and our lives is based exclusively on our own shared experience and reason.

  • By Elaine McArdle
    From UU World

    Canadian Unitarian Council removes “work for justice” from its charitable purposes to comply with tax authority while adopting new vision statement.