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  • By Sharon Wylie
    From WorshipWeb
    This solstice night [or day] ...
  • By Tess Baumberger
    From WorshipWeb
    There is a deeper, humbler, more beautiful truth: We deeply need one another, especially now.
  • By Hope Jahren
    From WorshipWeb
    When you go into a forest you probably tend to look up at the plants that have grown so much taller than you ever could. You probably don’t look down, where just beneath your single footprint sits between one hundred and one thousand seeds, each one alive and waiting.
  • By Amy Brooks
    From WorshipWeb
    We share this water to honor the sacrifices of those who fight fires. We share this water, as tears of mourning for lost lives. We share this water with all who thirst for ecological justice.
  • By Jennifer Pratt-Walter
    From WorshipWeb
    My church is a ring of alders tilting ...
  • By Viola Abbitt
    From WorshipWeb
    In the rest before renewal, the earth will remain waiting.
  • By Stephanie Noble
    From WorshipWeb
    Do not be afraid of the darkness. ...
  • By Ariel Aaronson-Eves
    From WorshipWeb
    Just like we humans need to get certain nutrients from our food to be healthy, so too do plants.
  • By Amy Zucker Morgenstern
    From WorshipWeb
    Blessed is the dark, in which our dreams stir and are revealed. ...
  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    From Braver/Wiser
    There is relief and remorse equally in my heart as the growing season comes to a close.