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Beacon Press

Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Elea Kemler
    In the eighteen years I’ve served as minister of my small-town congregation, I have led 96 memorial services, most for people I have loved. The longer I stay, the deeper I love and the more I grieve.
  • By Rebekah Savage
    What had to die was my shame: my belief that I was not worthy of such love. I discovered a greater love within myself as a creation of God, worthy of these gifts.
  • By Elizabeth Harding
    Life is full of seesaws: it offers us moments of extreme wonder and moments of fear. Sometimes you have to live through the fear for the wonder to arrive.
  • By Elizabeth Harding
    Remembering is the art of holding a memory and sharing it; it’s drawing upon that memory so it can help us to grow into people who live lives of meaning and service. As a practice, remembering connects us deeply to each other and to the love that sustains us.

Call and Response: Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development

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Skinner House Books

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Facing Death with Life

Hindsight, Humor, and Hope

Signs of Our Faith

  • By Sophia Lyon Fahs
    Adapted from Jesus, The Carpenter's Son (Boston: Beacon Press, 1945). Jesus was a great teacher long, long ago who preached God's love...
  • The existence of a snowflake is a journey — like your life, which is a journey, too. It starts in a cloud. Clouds carry drops of water...

Amazing Grace

  • Once there was and twice there wasn't two old brothers who were inseparable travelers: one was named Life, the other Death. One time, after...

Chalice Children

World of Wonder

Creating Home

  • Once upon a time in Kenya, on a peaceful river near the east coast of Africa, a herd of hippopotamus was surprised by heavy rain. The rain...
  • Adapted from Hebrew scripture. Once long ago, in the city of Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, there lived a man named Elimelech. Elimelech...

What Moves Us

What We Choose

Spirit in Practice

  • Pablo Casals, born in Vendrell, Spain to a Puerto Rican mother, is thought by many to be the greatest cellist who ever lived. His...

Heeding the Call

  • Used with permission of Geoffrey Bayer , No More Deaths. The July sun beat down, and by mid-morning, there was no avoiding the heat. By 10...

Spirit of Life