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inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Amazing Grace, 6th Grade

Building Bridges, Grades 8-9

Faithful Journeys, Grades 2-3

Gather the Spirit

  • Adapted from "One Flower in a Field" by Joshua Searle-White, in Magic Wanda's Travel Emporium: Tales of Love, Hate and Things in Between (...
  • Adapted from a Haitian tale. To whom does the water belong? There was once a drought in the country. The streams dried up and the wells...
  • Searle-White, Joshua. "Sunny Side Mary" in Magic Wanda's Travel Emporium: Tales of Love, Hate and Things in Between . Boston: Skinner House...

Love Connects Us, Grades 4-5

  • Materials for Activity Chalice, candle, and matches or LED/battery-operated candle Newsprint, markers, and tape Hand ornaments cut from...

Love Surrounds Us, Grades K-1

Resistance and Transformation

Signs of Our Faith, Grades 2-3

Sing to the Power, Grades 4-5

Spirit in Practice

  • One day a Religious Man approached a Mystic and asked, “Does God exist?” “Allow me to go within for an answer,” the Mystic replied. After...

Spirit of Life

The New UU

Toolbox of Faith, Grades 4-5

What Moves Us

What We Choose: Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Windows and Mirrors, Grades 4-5

Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures

World of Wonder, Grades K-1

  • By Sarah Conover
    From the book Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents. Once upon a time, the Buddha was born as a magnificent ibex...

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Paul Beedle
    May we persist in seeking truth, being accountable, stepping up to our duties with courage and asking the right questions.
  • By Monica Jacobson-Tennessen
    What is it ...
  • By Martha Dallas
    I’m curious to know what you believe… about what is the Think about that for a moment. And if you’re wondering what I mean...
  • By Phyllis L. Hubbell
    First Reader: We come to you with our hopes and our fears. Will you lead us in building a welcoming religious community, tolerant and...
  • By Thomas Rhodes
    Do we ever surprise you, God? De we ever do or say things which catch you off guard, or do you have everything under such tight control...
  • By Margaret Fuller
    "The position I early was enabled to take was one of self‐reliance. And were all women as sure of their wants as I was, the result would be...