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  • By Ian Zack
    From Beacon Press
    The first in-depth biography of the legendary singer and “Voice of the Civil Rights Movement,” who combatted racism and prejudice through her music
  • By Arlen Goff
    From WorshipWeb
    spirit moves, soul births song and hope fills life and I am not alone
  • By Jim Gogarty
    Free your mind with dozens of enlightening mandalas
  • By Nikolett Corley
    Color your way to relaxation while creating works of art
  • By Linda Hirschhorn
    From WorshipWeb
    Linda Hirschhorn's song was inspired a Bertolt Brecht quote: "In the dark times will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing about the dark times.”
  • By Jennifer Kelleher
    From Skinner House Books
    Bringing alive the heartfelt words and artwork contributed by creators diverse in spiritual perspective and identity, Conversations with the Sacred is a moving testimony to the power of prayer.
  • By Everett Hoagland
    From UU World

    who are we the people to keep people / from cropping the ‘amber waves of grain’

  • By Kathryn Hamilton Warren
    From UU World

    My UU faith—and my parents’ lived examples—informed my thinking about living and dying, sustaining and influencing me more than I realized.

  • From MidAmerica Events
    Join us for an exciting concert by Peter Mayer on February 22, 2020. The concert will be hosted by Unitarian Church of Evanston (UCE) at 1330 Ridge Ave. Evanston, IL on February 22 at 7 pm, doors open at 6 pm
  • By Karen G. Johnston
    From Braver/Wiser
    Surround yourself with skillful teachers. Let them teach you, but don't let them do it for you. That learning is yours to do.