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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Equality.

  • Defund Fear
    From Beacon Press

    A groundbreaking new vision for public safety that overturns more than 200 years of fear-based discrimination, othering, and punishment...

  • Being Heumann
    From Beacon Press

    One of the most influential disability rights activists in US history tells her personal story of fighting for the right to receive an education, have a job, and just be human...

  • Marching Toward Coverage
    How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Health Care
    From Beacon Press

    A lively, clear explanation of the American healthcare reform movement from a noted expert - giving women the tools they need to demand fair and affordable coverage for all people

  • You Matter

    Christian Robinson, Christian Robinson

    Sensitive and impactful picture book about seeing the world from different points of view by Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Honoree Christian Robinson.

  • The War on Neighborhoods
    Policing, Prison, and Punishment in a Divided City
    From Beacon Press

    A narrative-driven exploration of policing and the punishment of disadvantage in Chicago, and a new vision for repairing urban neighborhoods

  • Reclaiming Our Space
    How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets
    From Beacon Press

    A treatise of Black women's transformative influence in media and society, placing them front and center in a new chapter of mainstream resistance and political engagement

  • Girls Resist!
    A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution

    An activism handbook for teen girls ready to fight for change, social justice, and equality.

  • Steal This Country
    A Handbook for Resistance, Persistance and Fixing Almost Everything

    A walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk, hands-on, say-it-loud handbook for activist kids who want to change the world!

  • UU leaders arrested as Poor People’s Campaign begins national action

    Arthur Hirsch

    From UU World Magazine
    Interfaith justice movement launches 40 Days of Action in most state capitals; UUA president and sixteen other UUs arrested in D.C.
  • Hungarian Unitarian Church votes to support only male-female marriages

    Elaine McArdle

    From UU World Magazine
    In response, Unitarian Universalist leaders in North America express ‘deep concern.’...