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The Extended Leadership Experience

The Extended Leadership Experience (ExLE) is an accessible option for individuals who are not able to take a week away from their lives to attend the Intensive Leadership Experience. The Extended LE is the same great content as the Intensive LE, but spaced over four sessions held in four consecutive months. Rather than working-group and workshop sessions which occur over one week, participants in the ExLE will take the material home with them and explore their own congregations through between-session homework.

The Extended Leadership Experience is shared ministry between the congregations in a cluster and the Southern Region staff. Each congregation will get both the experience of working together and individualized coaching from Southern Region staff to achieve their learning and strategic goals following the ExLE. The congregations in a cluster host the ExLE sessions and will work closely with Southern Region staff to provide a welcoming space for all individuals. In this way, the ExLE is tailor-made for the congregations who are invited to it. It is a unique kind of experience that has proven to have lasting effects for both clusters and congregations.

The Winter 2021 Extended Leadership Experience will be entirely online:

  • January 9, Session 1 of 3
  • February 13, Session 2 of 3
  • March 13, Session 3 of 3

Download the Online Leadership Experience Handbook (PDF) to learn more about this event.

Registration for this event is limited. Please contact Kathy Charles for additional information.