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The Condensed Leadership Experience

The Condensed Leadership Experience is for congregations, clusters, and individuals who have either already participated in a Leadership Experience (LE) of any kind in the recent past and would like to refresh the information or those who have not yet participated in a Leadership Experience and would like a primer for the material. The Condensed LE is a shortened and lighter version of the Intensive/Extended LE content, meant to give participants a quick review or advanced exposure to the LE material. As such, it is not meant to stand alone, but rather to complement another long-form Leadership Experience.

The Condensed Leadership Experience is shared ministry between the congregations in a cluster and the Southern Region staff. Participants will get both the experience of working together and individualized coaching from Southern Region staff to achieve their learning and strategic goals following a Condensed LE, which may include the congregation's participation in a longer-form Leadership Experience. One congregation hosts the Condensed LE for a Friday night and Saturday workshop, working closely with Southern Region staff to provide a welcoming space for all individuals. In this way, the Condensed LE is tailor-made for the congregations who are participating in it.