System Theory Renaissance Module

Renaissance Module System Theory and UUism

Central to our understanding of congregational systems is a grounding in the awareness that “everything we do is faith development; everything we teach is Unitarian Universalism and that the congregation is the curriculum.”

That expression, by Connie Goodbread, is the first part of going deeper into congregational systems, yet the second part must include an immersion into System Theory.

The “System Theory” Renaissance Module will:

  • Examine human beings as emotional, intellectual, and physical beings.
  • Everything that human beings create, discover, destroy and build is born out of our humanity.
  • Explore and clarify what is means to be a Unitarian Universalist.
  • Discuss the human qualities that help and hinder the growth of beloved community.

The overarching lens of System Theory will ground the experience and aid religious educators, and other religious professionals, to apply these learnings to their own professional context.

Fee: $200 with a sliding scale registration fee option; grant/scholarship funds may be available.

Register today! (Registration for this Renaissance Module is limited to 20 participants and will close on January 13, 2023.)

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