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SR Webinar - Right Relationship


Type of event: Webinar


Sponsor: Southern Region of the UUA

RIGHT RELATIONSHIP:  Why does it matter to Me? To You? To Us?

When there are challenges or issues are brewing in your congregation, who can you call?

What's the difference between a Right Relations Team and a Committee on  Ministry? Now let's add a Healthy Congregations Team to the mix. And then, just to complicate things further, what is Mediation? How does it differ from Facilitation? And oh, by the way, where does Accountability fit into this grand mix?

It's time to talk! Please join us at a Webinar on Right Relationship hosted by Southern Regional Field Staff Kathy McGowan, and Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson on January 14 at  6:30 pm. eastern.

We look forward to seeing you there! Register now!