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Florida Southeast Cluster - Engaging All Ages: Faith Formation, Social Justice, and Outreach



Sponsor: River of Grass UU Congregation, Sunrise, FL

Your Florida Southeast Cluster invites you to its dynamic, interactive fall program. Join UU friends from congregations across SE Florida to network, make new friends, and share ideas.

UU President Susan Frederick-Gray welcomes us with a special video address. With keynote Kimberly Sweeney, author of “The Death of Sunday School and the Future of Faith Formation,” offering a wealth of innovative ideas and with engagement as our topical umbrella for the day, we’ll explore new ways of “Engaging All Ages” to bring new vitality our congregations.

Following her morning keynote, a creative exercise to “see” Kim’s ideas more clearly (and a scrumptious lunch), Kim leads an afternoon nuts & bolts mini-workshop to deepen understanding of her approach and generate action steps to implement. Additional afternoon workshops will be offered as well.

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