Adjunct Team

The Southern Region provides resources to aid in the health and successful continuance of congregations in our region. One resource we provide is an Adjunct Team of lay and clergy leaders, trained to assist congregations in creating and sustaining thriving religious communities. SR Adjunct Team members are partners in shared ministry with SR professional Staff.

Adjunct Team members are available for a small fee to Southern Region congregations, usually for a weekend workshop/retreat focused on any of these topics:

  • Congregational Governance: Congregational Polity, Congregational Organization & Development, Financial Management, Congregational Safety Policies,The Role of a Board of Trustees
  • Congregational Planning: Board Retreats & Goal Setting, Long Term & Strategic Planning
  • Congregational Growth: Pathways to Membership, Small Group Ministry & Covenant Groups, Volunteer Recruitment, Creating a Caring or Worship Associates Program, The Work of the Committee on Ministry, Creating a Beloved Community, Learning Compassionate or Non-Violent Communication, Covenants of Right Relations, Ethics Policies, Managing Congregational Conflict—Good & Bad
  • Congregational Stewardship: Every Member Canvass/Pledging
  • Lay Leadership: Nurturing Development, Training, and Assessment, Cultivating Effective Leadership teams, Leadership Development Committee, Training Opportunities for Leaders
  • Faith Development: Youth Advisor Training, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Faith Development

Request a consultation from the Adjunct Team. Please note: due to travel constraints, 3 months notice is necessary for Adjunct Team consultations. If that not possible, please contact Southern Region staff directly.