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  • By Nancy McDonald Ladd
    From WorshipWeb
    If God’s name is love, then God compels us to resist the fall to sinful violence by pushing back with muscular resolve against the social structures that confine our capacity to care. A universalist God for a tragic era is not a gauzy, hymn-singing force of personal devotion that draws us...
  • By Kari Gottfried
    From WorshipWeb
    In the Bible, there’s a pretty well-known story about David and Goliath. Goliath, a huge warrior from the side of the Philistines, challenged someone from the side of the Israelites to battle. David was chosen and he knew that even with all of the armor in the world, he would not be able to win...
  • By Rachel Rott
    From WorshipWeb
    There is, in this place, the possibility of healing, of repair, of making things right: within ourselves, between us, and with the wider world.
  • From Love Resists
    On any given night, more than 450,000 people who have not been convicted of any crime are incarcerated in the United States simply because they don't have enough money to pay bail. ...
  • By Molly Brewer
    From WorshipWeb
    I will not tell you that everything is okay right now; that there is no reason to be angry; that you must be optimistic or at peace.
  • By Kimberly French
    From UU World

    Ira Glass first brought the Rev. Carlton Pearson’s story to This American Life. Now, with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Pearson, Glass brings the story to your television.

  • By Jason Shelton
    From WorshipWeb
    "Love, once again, break our hearts open wide." Thanks to Rev. Jason Shelton for providing the sheet music (PDF) for this song.
  • By Susan Frederick-Gray, Erika A. Hewitt
    From WorshipWeb
    Leader: We know that hurt moves through the world, perpetrated by action, inaction, and indifference. Our values call us to live in the...
  • By Nathan Ryan
    From WorshipWeb
    We have an absurd amount to learn, or unlearn, about race in this country. America allowed slavery to exist by seeking out personal and...
  • By Jessica Ferguson, Tim Atkins
    From WorshipWeb
    "We go together like a flame and a chalice".... and other UU Valentines!