This list includes every page tagged with "Islam."

  • By Sumbul Ali-Karamali
    From Beacon Press
    A direct counterpoint to fear mongering headlines about shariah law - a Muslim American legal expert tells the real story, eliminating stereotypes and assumptions with compassion, irony, and humor
  • By Leah Vernon
    From Beacon Press
    A searingly honest memoir of one young woman’s journey toward self-acceptance as she comes to see her body as a symbol of rebellion and hope and chooses to live her life unapologetically
  • By Lis Harris
    From Beacon Press
    An entirely fresh take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that examines the life-shaping reverberations of wars and ongoing tensions upon the everyday lives of families in Jerusalem.
  • By Aneesa Shaikh
    From UU World

    I would not be the kind of person I am today if I hadn’t kept searching.

  • By Rebekah Savage
    From Braver/Wiser
    What had to die was my shame: my belief that I was not worthy of such love. I discovered a greater love within myself as a creation of God, worthy of these gifts.
  • By Eboo Patel
    From Beacon Press
    A remarkable account of growing up Muslim in America and coming to believe in religious pluralism, from one of the most prominent faith leaders in the United States.
  • By Mark Gonzales, Mehrdokht Amini
    From Muslim and Latino poet Mark Gonzales comes a touching and lyrical picture book about a parent who encourages their child to find joy...
  • By Sonja L. Cohen
    From UU World

    ‘We need interreligious scholarship that is beyond coexistence and dialogue. That gets to our need for co-resistance.’

  • By Khaled Abou El Fadl
    From Beacon Press
  • By Nancy McDonald Ladd
    From UU World

    I truly do not care if a god ever hears me when I pray, but praying together with others is among the most transformative work that I do.