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  • By Joy Berry, Dawn Skjei Cooley, Scott McNeill, Jonalu Johnstone, Robin Bartlett
    UUs’ thoughts on Jesus reflect the diversity of thought encouraged by our liberal faith. Our Principles include a commitment to “a free and...

Beacon Press

Blue Boat: Youth and Young Adult Blog

Issues and Trends

  • By Annie Gonzalez Milliken
    Today is Good Friday, a day where those in the Christian tradition tell the story of Jesus' trial and crucifixion, his brutal death at the...

Stories and Voices

  • By Annie Gonzalez Milliken
    Fiercely UU is a new blog series where Unitarian Universalist young adults tell stories about what our faith requires of us and how they...
  • By Annie Gonzalez Milliken
    For those of us who follow the Christian tradition, now is the season of A dvent , a time of waiting. And whether we are Christian or not,...
  • By Bart Frost
    Every December, the same old argument flares up on Facebook. Before Facebook, it would blow up on Livejournal and before Livejournal it...

Guides and Tools

  • By Ted Resnikoff
    Join the Second Annual Unitarian Universalist Lent Tumblr Join Unitarian Universalists everywhere who observe Lent starting Wednesday,...

Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Robin Tanner
    Advent is about expectation—radical expectations that undo the status quo—and anticipation: a skillful search for the places where liberation rises from the ashes.
  • By Nathan Ryan
    Last year for Lent, I decided to say yes to any request. I made it all the way to Easter without having to honor my decision.
  • By DeReau K. Farrar
    There’s something deeply moving for me about the idea of a love that will always have my back. "Always"—meaning unconditionally and without hesitation. And there's something deeply jarring for me about the idea that, despite my most earnest hopes, my best intentions and desires for others may have interrupted the flow of love from me to them.
  • By Robin Tanner
    I long for progressive religious communities that are confessing communities—places where we admit our wrongdoings, are held accountable, and called back into covenant.
  • By Jake Morrill
    For twelve years, Daisy has been the best dog any person could love. But last week, when she disappeared into the woods? That wasn’t what I...

Call and Response: Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development

  • By Harlan Limpert
    You may be aware that Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations, invited clergy of all faiths...
  • By Gail Forsyth-Vail
    Two weeks ago, I was part of an interfaith gathering where we asked one another, “What is weighing on you? What signs of hope are you...
  • By Gail Forsyth-Vail
    An 18-inch blanket of snow surrounds my house and it is far too early to put the winter clothes into storage. Yet, the birds are singing...
  • By Gail Forsyth-Vail
    Many of us like to point out our UU connections with well-loved Christmas music and rituals. Charles Follen introduced the first Christmas...
  • By Gail Forsyth-Vail
    I was the religious educator at a historically Universalist church. Fifteen years earlier, I had left the Christian faith of my childhood...

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Skinner House Books

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development


  • From Christian scripture, John 6:1-19, New Revised Standard Version (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1990). A large crowd kept...

Chalice Children

Moral Tales

  • Adapted from Hebrew scripture (Leviticus 19:18) and Christian scripture (Luke 10:25-37). Preparation To make this story participatory: Open...

Virtue Ethics

  • From Christian scripture, Luke 15:11-32 ( New Revised Standard Version ). Then Jesus said, "There was a man who had two sons. The younger...
  • By Janeen K Grohsmeyer
    When Joseph Jordan (pronounced Jerden ) was born in Virginia in 1842, slavery was still legal. Most people of African descent were treated...

Building Bridges

Love Will Guide Us

Love Surrounds Us

  • By Christy Olson, Lynn Kerr
    The Love Surrounds Us program explores all the Unitarian Universalist Principles in the context of the Beloved Community of family/home, school, and neighborhood.
  • An adaptation of Matthew 5:1-11, Christian scripture. Jesus was a teacher. He lived thousands of years ago, in the part of the world we now...

Signs of Our Faith

  • By Sophia Lyon Fahs
    Adapted from Jesus, The Carpenter's Son (Boston: Beacon Press, 1945). Jesus was a great teacher long, long ago who preached God's love...
  • Mark 6: 34-44 from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. As he went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them,...

Creating Home

Spirit in Practice

A Chorus of Faiths

  • By Interfaith Youth Core (IYC)
    Thich Nhat Hanh In Southeast Asia, the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, used the principles of compassion and nonviolence to campaign against...
  • From the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10, Verses 25-37; New Revised Standard Version. Just then a lawyer stood up to test Jesus. "Teacher," he...