Handling Trauma in the Aftermath of Disaster

After a disaster affecting a Unitarian Universalist congregation has occurred, individuals who have been affected can be ministered to and helped by a range of services and resources that the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has gathered or developed.

The Newtown, CT, school shooting calls for Unitarian Universalist responses. Find resources for helping children, families, and communities process trauma, disaster, and violence on a page by the UUA Resource Development Office.

When people or forces of nature cause trauma or disaster the Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry (UUTRM) is a team of trained individuals who can minister to those affected.

Trauma response resources for families and congregations have been developed by a range of knowledgeable organizations and have been gathered by UUA staff (religiouseducation@uua.org) to be used by Unitarian Universalist congregations in times of need.

Making Meaning After Disaster (PDF) is a Unitarian Universalist workshop document outlining a range of actions to take following a disaster to help those affected.

A book on ministering in the aftermath of trauma is Disaster Spiritual Care—Practical Clergy Responses to Community, Regional, and National Tragedy, edited by Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts and Rev. Willard W. C. Ashley, from Skylights Path Publishing.