COVID-19 Webinar
Webinar: Pandemic Prevention and Preparation for UU Communities
Safe Congregations, Trauma and Disaster Response

Video of "Pandemic Prevention and Preparation for UU Communities"

Video of "Pandemic Prevention and Preparation for UU Communities"

Pacific Western Region UUA Webinar, March 17, 2020

This webinar was delivered twice: On March 11th and March 17th. The March 17th version is posted above, the March 11th version can be watched in Vimeo.

Please note that the UUA's recommendation to congregations changed just after the March 11th webinar was given. As UUWorld reports, on March 11th the UUA administration began "discouraging non-essential in-person gatherings of more than twenty-five people in areas impacted by COVID-19, which includes suspending congregational worship services." On March 12th, the UUA updated its stance to "strongly recommend that congregations avoid gatherings of more than 25 people." 

COVID-19 Webinar Slides

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About the Authors

  • Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh joined the Pacific Western Region's Congregational Life staff in July 2016.
  • The Rev. Sarah Movius Schurr is the primary contact for all of the PWR congregations under 76 members. Sarah has a passion for small congregations and how to help them thrive. This interest was born out of her years as a parish minister with congregations that were new to ministry, as...

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