Unitarian Universalists Doing Reproductive Justice

UUs Doing Reproductive Justice

As we reach the culmination of the 2016 year of implementation of reproductive justice, Unitarian Universalists are working to advance reproductive freedom in a number of ways: providing education about reproductive justice as a women-of-color led movement, raising money for abortion access, sending cards to mamas in detention centers, encouraging other denominational partners to take up the reproductive justice frame and many other ways!

Here are some examples of how Unitarian Universalists are engaged on reproductive justice, reproductive choice and reproductive health work (read more about the different frameworks).

As a denomination UUs started a journey in 2012 to work in solidarity with women of color led reproductive justice organizations—educating ourselves about the reproductive justice framework. As we’ve learned from our partners at SisterSong, reproductive justice “represents a shift for women advocating for control of their bodies–from a narrower focus on legal access and individual choice…to a broader analysis of racial, economic, cultural, and structural constraints on [their] power.” In addition to abortion rights, we recognize access to health care, comprehensive sex education, incarceration, and immigration policies as reproductive justice issues. Since 2012 congregations have held workshops on reproductive justice and taken action. While the official Congregational Study Action Issue period ends in 2016 many Unitarian Universalists will continue this work.

If you’d like to have your Reproductive Justice work added to this map please email socialjustice@uua.org with your name, a 1-2 sentence description of what you or your congregation has done, and any contact info you’d like included.