People bundled up against cold weather, standing outdoors in a circle with lit candles in a vigil.
Candlelight Vigil on 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has long advocated for medically-accurate, practical, comprehensive sexuality education to prevent the spread of HIV. We know that anyone can be HIV positive regardless of gender, age, income, sexual orientation, nationality, or racial group. However, groups that are marginalized within our society and our world as a whole are made more vulnerable to this disease because of the lack of resources available to them, such as education, health care, and finances. It is our shared responsibility as people of faith to challenge the structures and world views that prevent marginalized groups from realizing their own rights, power, and potential and allow this disease to flourish.

Every Child Is Our Child focuses on children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and works toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals of universal primary education, fighting HIV/AIDS, reducing hunger and poverty, and promoting gender equality.