Sacred Choices and Abortion: 10 New Things to Think About

This DVD, Sacred Choices and Abortion: 10 New Things to Think About, is a very powerful discussion piece to facilitate inter-religious and inter-generational dialogue. Discussion guides in both English and Spanish are posted below.

Simple ways to use Sacred Choices:

  • Screen the film for women and men who have been intimately touched by abortion.
  • Screen the film for small groups to enable an open discussion of varying viewpoints.
  • Invite members of another local congregation, perhaps more conservative, to come and watch the film with you.
  • Encourage those that are undecided to come and view the film, with discussion afterwards.
  • Use the film to educate and inspire members of your counseling and pastoral teams so that they may feel more comfortable in counseling women about their abortions.
  • Advocate that your women¹s, social justice, or human rights groups screen the film and chose an Action step.
  • Show the film to a small group of local clergy from other denominations. Brainstorm how to talk about the issue to congregations and other clergy.
  • Promote the film for use on Public TV access stations or local PBS affilitates.

Listed in the Discussion Guide there are many, many more very specific suggestions on how to use this film.

J. Clements, Outreach organizer for Sacred Choices, would like to hear about how you used the film, what success you’ve had, and any ways you foresee using the film in the future. If permissible this information would be put on their web site for others to replicate and for inspiration for continuing efforts. He can be reached at (509) 747-1489 (Pacific Time Zone) and at