Mamas Day

Mother’s Day was originally founded as an antiwar rallying cry by Unitarian Julia Ward Howe. Mother’s Day can be more than a day for flowers and pancakes. With “Mamas Day,” we hear a call to honor all those who mother, especially those who bear the brunt of hurtful policies or who are weighed down by stigma in our culture. We celebrate trans mamas, immigrant mamas, single mamas, lesbian mamas, young mamas, poor mamas, and others. It’s opportunity to take action to create the conditions so that all families can thrive.

Strong Families is a national initiative, of which the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is a part, to change policy and culture in support of all families. Their annual Mamas Day Our Way campaign lifts up and celebrates the magic and heartbreak of being a mama.

Through these worship resources, poetry, an original line of beautiful e-cards; a blog series sharing the hopes, dreams, and needs of mamas; and opportunities to take action on critical policy issues—(all created primarily by women of color)—Mamas Day is a rallying cry for justice.

Send an E-card or Facebook meme to the mamas in your life, featuring inspiring messages and beautiful, originally-commissioned artwork by artists of color.

Mamas Day Resource: Black Mamas Matter

In light of the conversations about the need to recenter Black voices and experiences, telling the stories of Black mamas in our Mother’s Day worship services seems particularly meaningful and necessary. Here are two stories written by Black mamas. Dr. Janice Marie Johnson writes about how the reality of police violence and anti-Black racism affect her experience of being a mother and grandmother. Rev. Qiyamah Rahman shares a poem and prayer about how she comforts her daughter by reminding her of their ancestor’s struggles for justice. Both stories call on us to reflect on how the experience of motherhood is not invented in the individual relationship between child and mama, but is passed down generation to generation. Mamas Day Resource: Black Mamas Matter (PDF, 3 pages)

Resources for Mamas Day worship services on themes of multiculturalism, motherhood, justice, and community:

If you’re looking for an advocacy component to Mamas Day, bring a gender analysis to the immigration reform movement. Check out our partner, We Belong Together.

Mama's Day graphic of father and daughter talking on phone in prison.
Mama's Day graphic of family reading.
Mama's Day graphic of woman.