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New England Region
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The New England Region is the smallest geographical area with the highest concentration (PDF) of Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) member congregations in the US. We are 234 congregations that are served by a single integrated regional staff team, with expertise in every area of congregational life. Visit New England Region's website to learn about events, support services, and other regional information.

Contact our main office at (617) 948-6415, email newengland [at] uua [dot] org or contact an individual staff member listed below.

Regional Staff Contacts

Our staff are often the first and primary source of support, counsel and information for lay and professional leaders. We offer more than 40 learning events every year. Our contacts and specialty areas are shown below. Please call anyone on the team to ask a question or request services.

  • Hilary Allen, Innovation and Growth
    hallen [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-4257
  • Erica Baron, Congregational Consultant
    ebaron [at] uua [dot] org,
  • Karen Bellavance-Grace, Small Church Support, Congregational Collaborations
    kbellavancegrace [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-4258
  • Joy Blanchette, Regional Administrator
    jblanchette [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6415
  • Chanel Gomez, Events Coordinator 
    cgomez [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6427
  • Meck Groot, Justice Ministries
    mgroot [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6414
  • Woullard Lett, Acting Regional Lead
    wlett [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6121
  • Lóre Stevens, Communications Associate
    lstevens [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6426
  • Joe Sullivan, Stewardship | Peer Facilitator Program
    jsullivan [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-4383

Our Districts

The New England Region is comprised of 234 congregations. The congregations in this geographical area were previously organized into districts. As the UUA reorganized into 5 Regions, all but one (NNED) have merged.

The most recent iterations of districts of the New England Region were:

For more information contact

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