Central East Region (CER)
Central East Region (CER)
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Central East Region staff December 2018

Central East Region Staff at the annual meeting in Boston, December, 2018.
L-R seated - Rev. Megan Foley, Rev. Renee Ruchtozke, Rev. Evin Carvill-Ziemer, Cristina Sanchis, Andrea Lerner. Standing - Amy Kent, Beth Casebolt, Patricia Infante, Rev. Sunshine Wolfe, Paula Cole Jones, Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson, Shannon Harper.

CER stands for Central East Region and is made up of these four former districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association: Joseph Priestley District, Metro New York District, Ohio-Meadville District, St. Lawrence District.

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CER Contacts

The Central East Region has moved to a primary contact staff system to ensure our congregations know who to reach out to for assistance. What this means is that each congregation, by cluster, will have a UUA Staff Member from CER or their district who serves as your Primary Contact for all services of the district, CER, and the UUA. This is someone with whom you can build a close, working relationship, who will have an intimate knowledge of your congregation's blessings and challenges, and can be proactive in helping you to share those blessings and meet those challenges. Your Primary Contact can help you to navigate all the support and opportunities available to your congregation.

To fax items to the region please fax to 866-445-8219.

To mail items to the regional office, please mail to:

Central East Region of the UUA
100 W 10th Street, Suite 1008
Wilmington, DE 19801

If you are unsure who to contact for any reason, please email us at cer [at] uua [dot] org.

Regional Lead

Rev. Megan Foleymfoley [at] uua [dot] org

CER Congregational Life Staff

For more information contact cer@uua.org.

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