Handout 2-1: “I Am” Poem Template

Part of Authentic Selves

I am from ____________________________________________________________________.

(describe the place most important to your childhood)

Where women_________________________________________________________________,

(describe a gendered role in your memory of women)

and men______________________________________________________________________.

(describe a gendered role in your memory of men)

I grew up playing _____________________________ and _____________________________.

(list a favorite activity) (list a second activity)

I dreamed of being _____________________________________________________________.

(name your childhood dream role or job )

I am from ______________________________ and __________________________________.

(list an ancestor) (list a second ancestor)

My strength comes from _________________________and ____________________________.

(list a natural element) (list a plant or animal)

My family taught me____________________________________________________________,

(list a family trait, habit, or tendency)


(list a second family trait, habit, or tendency)

I am from_____________________________________________________________________,

(list your favorite clothes as a teen or adolescent)

from_________________________________, and ___________________________________.

(favorite music as a teen) (favorite food as a teen)

I am from____________________________________________________________________.

(list one way an ancestor survived)

I am from ___________________________________________________________________.

(list a moment when you experienced transformation)

I am_______________________________ and I am a ________________________________.

(your preferred name) (your truth or favorite trait)