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We are looking for exceptional high school aged youth leaders who want to get more involved, network with one another, and be recognized for their skill and achievement. If you have led worship, worked for justice, inspired others, planned events, joined a ministry team or graduated from a Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) youth training, you are an excellent candidate for Luminary Leaders.

Get Inspired

Luminary Leaders get access to leadership resources, trainings and events first. They meet with one another in a private Facebook group, with other prominent Unitarian Universalist (UU) leaders on exclusive webcasts and at a private reception at our annual General Assembly.

Get Recognized

Luminary Leaders receive a lapel pin and official certificate recognizing their service to our association. Their church community also receives notification that a youth in their congregation has joined Luminary Leaders and often recognizes them in a Sunday service. You will be recognized on and may be spotlighted on Blue Boat Blog.


We look to our Luminary Leaders first when there is a national leadership opening. We recruit Luminary Leaders for social media internships with the Blue Boat Blog, focus groups with prominent leaders, open seats on national committees, and worship and program planning at General Assembly.

Join Luminary Leaders Today

The three step application process begins with providing your demographic information and interests in this Basic Application. After you fill out your basic application, submit your Experience Profile detailing your leadership experience thus far. Finally, you must get two UU adults from your congregation to submit an Endorsement, recommending you for the program.

Once both your forms and endorsements are submitted, your application will be reviewed to see if you meet the criteria for the Luminary Leaders program. If you do not meet the criteria, you will be considered a Leader in Training and are encouraged to apply again. Leaders in training get access to information about national trainings and events and grants to further their leadership development.  

Criteria for Joining Luminary Leaders

You need to list and detail at least three experiences on your Experience Profile, one of which must be a recent (in the past year) “congregational experience” such as a titled position within the youth group with recognized duties and measures for success, a seat on a committee outside of youth group, a member of the worship arts team, religious education teacher or facilitating a training.

Participation in a nationally recognized leadership training is strongly encouraged such as GoldMine Youth Leadership School, Chrysalis Training, trainings hosted by District/Regional/UUA Staff, Midwest Youth Leadership School, Summer Seminary, GA Youth Caucus staff or Multicultural Leadership School. We recognize that nationally recognized leadership trainings are not accessible to all youth. Therefore, this is not a requirement. If no nationally recognized leadership training is listed on your application, you will be evaluated by your additional congregational experiences.

We love to see district/regional or national leadership experiences such as serving on a district/regional/national council/committee/task force, event planning, publication in district/regional/national media sources (district website, Blue Boat Blog etc), but  it is not necessary to be considered for the Luminary Leaders program.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about the program.

If you need assistance with applying or recommending a leader, please contact luminary [at] uua [dot] org or 617-948-4350.

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