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Listed below are recipients of the various young adult and campus ministry grants along with the grant type received. Since 2002, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has given out more than $500,000 in grants to support young adult and campus ministry thanks to the generosity of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) everywhere who have contributed to the Annual Program Fund, UUA capital campaigns, and other endowed funds.

*Professional and Campus-Congregation-Connection grants are multiple year grants; they are listed in the year in which they began.


  • Church of the Larger Fellowship—Professional, Part-time*
  • UU Church of the Philippines—Project
  • Mass Bay District—Project
  • First Church in Jamaica Plain, MA—Project
  • Church of North Hatley, Quebec—Project
  • Southwest District—Project
  • Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists - Jefferson UU Society at College of William and Mary—Project


  • Prairie Star District—Professional, Quarter-time *
  • St. John's UU Church, Cincinnati, OH—Professional, Half-time*
  • St. Lawrence District—Professional, Part-time*
  • Metro New York District—Professional, Part-time *
  • Joseph Priestley District—Professional, Part-time*


  • First Unitarian Universalist San Diego, CA—Professional, Full-time*
  • Ohio Meadville District—Professional, Part-time*
  • UU Church of Berkeley—Kensington, CA—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • UU Fellowship of Centre County, PA—Project
  • Boston University UU Campus Organization, Boston, MA—Project
  • St. John's UU Church, Cincinnati, OH—Project
  • Unitarian Society of Hartford, CT- Billings Fund
  • United Ministries for Higher Education, Boulder, CO—Special


  • University Unitarian, Seattle, WA—Professional, Quarter-time*
  • First Universalist, Minneapolis MN- Professional, Quarter-time*
  • Vancouver, BC—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • NW Tuscon—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • UU Church of Davis, CA—Billings Fund
  • Joseph Priestley District—Billings Fund
  • First Unitarian Society of Madison, WI—Billings Fund
  • UU Church of the Phillippines—Project
  • Central Midwest District—Project
  • Ohio Meadville District—Project
  • UU Fellowship of Sunnyvale, CA—Project
  • Central Midwest District—Project
  • Pacific Northwest District—Project


  • Unitarian Society of New Haven, Hamden CT—Professional, Half-time*
  • Unitarian Church of All Souls, New York, NY—Professional, Half-time*
  • UU Fellowship of Corvallis, OR—Billings Fund
  • UU Church of Davis, CA—Billings Fund
  • UU Fellowship of Statesboro, GA—Project
  • UU Congregation of Salem, OR—Project
  • UU Church of Amherst, NY—Project
  • Tennessee Valley UU Church, Knoxville TN—Project
  • UU Church of the Phillippines—Project
  • Church of the Larger Fellowship—Special


  • Central Midwest District—Professional, Half-time*
  • Joseph Priestley District—Professional, Half-time*
  • First Unitarian, West Hills, and Wy'East, Portland, OR- Campus Congregation Connection*
  • First Unitarian Church of the River, Memphis TN—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • UU Church of Davis, CA—Billings Fund
  • UU Fellowship of Bellingham, WA—Billings Fund
  • UU Student Movement at University of Chicago, IL—Billings Fund
  • UU Church of Bloomington, IN—Billings Fund
  • Tufts Forum with UUSC—Billings Fund
  • First UU San Diego, CA—Billings Fund
  • First UU San Diego, CA—Project
  • All Souls Church, Colorado Springs,—Project
  • First and Second Church in Boston, MA—Project
  • UU Church of Stillwater, OK—Project
  • Northeastern University Campus Ministry, Boston, MA—Project
  • Unity Unitarian, St. Paul, MN—Project
  • UU Congregation of Princeton, Princeton, NJ—Special
  • Morristown Unitarian Fellowship/Unitarian Church in Summit, NJ—Special


  • Unity Church—Unitarian, St. Paul, MN—Professional, Full-time*
  • 1st Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, PA—Professional, Quarter-time*
  • Mountain Desert District—Professional, Quarter-time*
  • Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, CA—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • Rice Chalice UU Campus Ministry Group, Houston,—Billings Fund
  • Channing-Murray Foundation, Champaign-Urbana, IL—Billings Fund
  • First UU Church of Lubbock, TX—Billings Fund
  • Hattiesburg UU Fellowship, MS—Billings Fund
  • University of Kansas KC Media Campaign, Lawrence KS—Billings Fund
  • Fort Lewis College UUs, Durango, CO—Project
  • Middlebury College UUs, Middlebury, VT—Project
  • Eno River UU Fellowship, Durham NC—Project
  • UU Church of Fort Myers, FL—Project
  • UU Church of Eugene, OR—Project
  • UU Meeting House, Chatham, MA—Project
  • First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR—Project
  • Bluubird Theater Company, Kirkland, WA—Special


  • All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa OK—Professional, Full-Time*
  • 1st UU Society of San Francisco, CA—Professional, Half-Time*
  • Channing-Murray Foundation, Champaign-Urbana, IL—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • UU Fellowship of Corvallis, OR—Campus Congregation Connection*
  • Wellesley UU Campus Chaplaincy, Wellesley, MA—Billings Fund
  • Princeton University UU Campus Ministry, Princeton, NJ—Billings Fund
  • UU Student Organization, University of CO, Boulder—Project
  • All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa OK—Project
  • School of the Americas Convergence, Nationwide—Project
  • Community Church of Chapel Hill UU, Chapel Hill, NC—Project
  • Amy Owen, South Africa International Conference, International—Project Grant
  • First UU Church of Austin, TX—Special

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