Professional Religious Educators or Aspirants

The professional leadership of children, youth, young adults, and adults calls the dedicated individuals who choose this path to minister to the head, the heart, the mind, and the spirit of all with whom they come in contact.

Through the Renaissance program, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) provides education for religious educators in nine areas: Administration of Religious Education Programs, Curriculum Planning in the Local Congregation, Developing a Philosophy of Religious Education, Ministry with Youth, Training Teachers, Unitarian Universalist History, Unitarian Universalist Identity, Worship for All Ages, and Multicultural Religious Education. Renaissance Modules are open to anyone interested in religious education leadership, including ministers, religious education teachers, and lay leaders.

The UUA’s Religious Education Credentialing Program supports people who already hold staff positions as Unitarian Universalist religious educators in congregations to seek professional credentialing through the UUA. The Credentialing Program office also works with UUA district staff to provide information on professional development for lay and professional religious educators, settlement of professional religious educators, and staffing issues.

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