Tapestry of Faith: A Place of Wholeness: A Program for Youth Exploring Their Own Unitarian Universalist Faith Journeys

Alternate Activity 2: The Dance of Reason and Spirit

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers and tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Arrange the room so there is open space for participants to move around freely.
  • Write the Reverend Sarah Lammert quote on newsprint and post.

Description of Activity

This activity builds on a metaphor about the "dance" between reason and spirit, and explores it through dance and movement.

Begin by sharing the following quote from Reverend Sarah Lammert, a Unitarian Universalist minister:

Perhaps it is this tension between reason and intuitive or spiritual expression that will forever play its way through the dance of [Unitarianism Universalism]. How do we use the power of reason-including all that science and philosophy have to offer-alongside the "AHA" of our experiences of beauty, of love, and of mystery? This is the dance we are privileged to sway to, and I encourage us all to step lively, and embrace this free religious journey.

Explain that for many Unitarian Universalists, there is a tension between the use of reason and the intuitive or spiritual aspects of religion. Reverend Lammert describes this tension as a dance. Break participants into groups of four or five and tell them they have the opportunity to express this tension through dramatic movement or dance. Ask: What does the dance between reason and spirit look like? How can Unitarian Universalists "step lively"? Give the group(s) 10 minutes to work together to create a dance piece. After 10 minutes, have the group(s) present.

Including All Participants

This activity may be more challenging for people with limited mobility. If there are participants who are not able to move around freely, make sure that the group(s) include roles for everyone in their dance piece.