Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Leader Resource 2: Humility Dilemmas

Part of Virtue Ethics

Dilemma 1

Your table in geography class is assigned to work together as a team to create a PowerPoint presentation on Cuba. Everyone at the table takes responsibility for the information in four slides. Everyone together decides on slide design and progression. You suggest adding mambo music to the PowerPoint. You find the music and spend hours working out how to add it to the presentation. When presented in class, the teacher loves the addition of the music. She praises it. One of your tablemates says, "Yeah, we thought it would be a nice touch." No one mentions that it was your idea. Your feelings are hurt. You feel as if your tablemates do not appreciate the time you put into adding the music which enriched the PowerPoint and helped attain the A-plus. What do you do?

Dilemma 2

It is time for elections in your school's Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA). You served as vice president last year and are prepared to step into the presidency. The GSA has made many plans for the future and you were heavily involved in setting the group's goals. Your friends are excited about electing you. They know you have sacrificed playing sports and being involved in leadership in other clubs to focus on strengthening the GSA. The day before the election you find out that the quietest member of the GSA—a new student who transferred to your school mid-year—was president of the GSA at their old high school. That school has a reputation for having a very active and widely supported GSA. You are wondering which of you would make the best president. You doubt that the new member will even be nominated. What do you do?