Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Alternate Activity 1: Real Life Challenges

Part of Virtue Ethics

Materials for Activity

  • "Bicycle Rack" newsprint sheet from Opening

Description of Activity

Youth discuss ethical challenges they have faced.

If someone shared an experience in check-in or during any workshop activities that the group would like to explore further, do so now. This could be particularly useful if an experience resonated with many participants. If several challenges are already listed on the Bicycle Rack, invite the youth to choose one to discuss. It need not be related to this workshop's topic.

You might use these questions to structure a discussion:

  • What virtues could this challenge bring into play?
  • Did this challenge involve a conflict of values? If so, what values? How do they conflict?
  • What are possible solutions to this challenge? Are they equally good? Why or why not?

Affirm that is always easier to see good solutions in hindsight and that living a life according to virtues we want to nurture or values we hold dear is not always easy. We do not need to always "get it right," but we do need to keep trying.