Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Spiritual Preparation

Part of Virtue Ethics

Can you remember your first experience with unfairness or injustice? Perhaps it was something personal and small, such as a sibling receiving a treat you were denied. Maybe it was a larger injustice, such as noticing that some people in your community were rich while others were poor. Can you remember what that felt like to realize that not everyone plays fair, or that sometimes people (and groups) are greatly rewarded for their unfair practices?

Youth often have a very strong love of justice, and, like you, these youth will have heard many times that "the world is not fair" and will have been challenged to "play fair." They understand that injustice exists in the world and often feel driven to eradicate it. Was that your experience as a youth? What was that like? Were you encouraged? Or were you told—explicitly or implicitly—that you were powerless to change unfairness in the world?

Check in with yourself: Is your love of justice still strong and vital to your faith and daily life? How can you plan to facilitate today's workshop in a way that grows youth's passion for justice and fairness? Remember those who encouraged the virtue of fairness in you, and honor their spirit by dedicating your work today to them.