Alternate Activity 2: Easy A, the Movie

Alternate Activity 2: Easy A, the Movie
Alternate Activity 2: Easy A, the Movie

Activity time: 120 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • DVD of the film Easy A (PG-13, directed by Will Gluck, 2010)
  • DVD player and digital projector or large monitor

Preparation for Activity

  • The movie deals with sexual topics. Preview it to determine its suitability for your group.
  • Test electronic equipment.

Description of Activity

Youth discuss how a contemporary movie for youth represents issues of respect.

Watch the film Easy A. Discuss with group the way high school youth are portrayed:

  • Does the movie seem to make a fair representation?
  • What about the sexual double standard the movie portrays? Is this accurate for your peer group? At your school, are females and males expected to earn respect in different ways?
  • Are male and female characters three-dimensional-that is, like real people you might know-or are they a bit cartoonish?
  • Could you see a story like this happening in your school?
  • What do you think of the decisions the youth in the film make? Who acts with respect? Who acts with integrity? Who uses moderation?

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