Tapestry of Faith: Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

Activity 2: Dilemma

Part of Virtue Ethics

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Print several copies of the Leader Resource, for yourself and volunteer readers.

Description of Activity

Youth discuss scenarios involving ethical dilemmas.

Have a volunteer read the first scenario. Invite responses. Ask participants if this reminds them of other dilemmas they have encountered or heard of, real or fictional. How does honesty play a part in this dilemma? What about trust? What would a person of integrity do?

Now have a volunteer read the second dilemma. Invite discussion. If no one mentions peer pressure, introduce the topic:

  • Risky behavior amongst youth is often chalked up to peer pressure. Do you think peer pressure influences youth decision making? Has peer pressure been a strong factor in your life?
  • Are youth the only people influenced by peer pressure? How have you witnessed peer pressure contributing to the decision making of children and adults?
  • What role does the media play in peer pressure?
  • Does peer pressure always take you away from acting with integrity? Can you think of a time that you made a healthy or ethically sound decision because of the influence of your peers?