Tapestry of Faith: Exploring Our Values Through Poetry: A Program for High School Youth

Activity 3: Meditation On Beauty

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Leader Resource 1, Beauty Meditation
  • Journals and pens or pencils
  • Optional: CD player and music

Preparation for Activity

  • Review Leader Resource 1, Beauty Meditation.
  • Arrange the room for a comfortable meditation, making sure you have enough comfortable seating for all participants.
  • If you plan to play soft music in the background, set up a CD player and music.

Description of Activity

Participants meditate on beauty and then make notes about images that came to mind.

Lead the meditation exercise outlined in Leader Resource 1, Beauty Meditation. After the meditation, allow a few minutes for participants to note in their journals any images or thoughts that occurred to them during the meditation.