Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Exploring Our Values Through Poetry: A Program for High School Youth

Activity 3: What Next?

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • To the extent that is permitted in your congregation, distribute participants' telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in order to facilitate the youths' preparation for the Poetry Slam. Alternatively, remind participants to gather the contact information they need.
  • Photocopy Handout 1, Preparing for the Poetry Slam Review, one for each participant
  • Throughout this activity, aim to capture and nurture participants' enthusiasm for staging and presenting their poetry. In the midst of detailed planning, the objectives and benefits of staging the Poetry Slam can be lost.

Description of Activity

The entire group convenes in order to assign remaining tasks that are necessary to implement the public poetry event.

Gather the entire group. Ask one person from each small group to report on (a) the plans the group has made, (b) tasks yet to do and who will do them, and (c) what outside help the group needs.

Assign remaining jobs. Remind poetry readers/performers to rehearse.

Specify the time participants must arrive for the Poetry Slam. When planning when participants must arrive, allow enough time for readers/performers to practice using the microphone before the audience arrives. Note special concerns about the location or other logistics.

Lay the groundwork for post-event reflection by giving participants a preview of the reflection assignment they will complete after the Poetry Slam, during Workshop 15. The assignment's purpose is to help participants articulate their personal responses to the Poetry Slam. Distribute Handout 1, Preparing for the Poetry Slam Review. Emphasize that youth need not work on this at home; you are distributing the handout now so they are aware that you will ask them to reflect upon their experience at a later date. Inform participants that Workshop 15 will also provide time for reflection upon the entire program.