Tapestry of Faith: Sharing the Journey: A Small Group Ministry Program with Youth

The Project

Visit the nursing home (or other service project location) the same day as Session A, or as soon as possible thereafter. Carpool to the nursing home. Remember to bring all supplies needed, such as tape, musical instruments, words to carols, and plates, cups and napkins if you will serve snacks. Take a camera.

Check in with the contact person at the nursing home. Make sure participants understand all rules and guidelines. Everyone in the group needs a role or job. Stay together as one group or, if large enough, split into two groups.

One possible way to structure this time is to gather residents by singing softly as you go through the hallways. Once you arrive at a space designated for your gathering, greet everyone, facilitate introductions, and sing a few Christmas carols. If you brought readings or a skit to perform, do it now. Serve snacks and invite everyone informally to share a favorite holiday memory. Take photographs, but remember to ask permission from the residents first.