Tapestry of Faith: Families: A Jr. High School Youth Program that Explores the Diversity, Commonality, and Meaning of Families


Part of Families

Activity time: 5 minutes

Description of Activity

  • Gather together in a circle.
  • Pragmatics:
    • Confirm and/or arrange youth co-leaders for the next session (optional).
    • For Activity 3, Write-Backs, in Session 5, ask participants to bring a photograph of their family.
    • Remind participants of logistics for the upcoming Family Event.
  • Invite participants to share what worked and what didn't work during this session.
  • As a group, compose a spontaneous closing benediction. To do this, have each participant add to a list of blessings for the coming week. One starts by saying, "May the week ahead be full of _____." For example, "May the week ahead be full of awesome food, enough time to sleep, time to hang out with friends, or good skiing." Ask participants to take turns, either simply adding their input or repeating the full benediction before adding to it.