Family Matters

Family Matters
Family Matters

Each small group needs one set of "How" statements that has been cut into strips, as well as three or four blank strips.

How loving the family is

How often the family has meals together

How much money the family has

How much family members cheer each other on

How many interests family members have in common

How large the family is

How the family solves problems

How peaceful the family is

How the family compares to the national average

How much the family talks to each other

How nice a home the family has

How many friends the family has

How much the family wants to be together

How the family spends its time together

How religious the family is

How clean the family's home is

How welcoming the family is to others outside the family

How educated the family is

How much family members express affection for each other

How much time the family spends together

How many traditions or routines the family has

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