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Handout 2: Standing on the Side of Love

"Standing on the Side of Love" lyrics by Reverend Jason Shelton, as included in the Unitarian Universalist Association's Singing the Journey: A Supplement to Singing the Living Tradition. Copyright 2004 by Yelton Rhodes Music. Used by permission.

The promise of the Spirit:

Faith, hope and love abide.

And so every soul is blessed and made whole;

The truth in our hearts is our guide.


We are standing on the side of love,

Hands joined together as hearts beat as one.

Emboldened by faith

we dare to proclaim

We are standing on the side of love.

Sometimes we build a barrier

to keep love tightly bound.

Corrupted by fear,

unwilling to hear,

Denying the beauty we've found.


A bright new day is dawning

when love will not divide.

Reflections of grace

in every embrace,

Fulfilling the vision divine.


We are standing on the side of love.