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Taking It Home: Spreading the Good News

This old world has...reached an era of intellectual and spiritual development where there is "malice toward none and charity toward all," and when, without prejudice, without fear, and in perfect fidelity, we may clasp hands across the chasm of our differences and speed and cheer each other on in the ways of all that is good and true. — Augusta Jane Chapin (1836-1905), Universalist minister and educator

IN TODAY'S WORKSHOP... We learned ways to get the word out about our service event. Here are a few activities to continue your exploration:

  • Read the quote above. Was the world really like that in 1893? Is it like that today? Could it be like that tomorrow? Will it be like that at your interfaith service event?
  • Create an event in a social networking website such as Facebook about your interfaith project. Post updates as the event draws near and afterward post photographs. (Be sure to get permission of everyone in the photographs. Do not post photographs of anyone receiving services, without their permission.)
  • Write a letter about the interfaith event to the editor of the local paper, using some of the techniques you learned for writing a press release. Be sure to include what about your personal faith inspires you to do this work.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation about your event. Present it to members of the congregation and/or post it on the congregation's website.
  • Create your own video Public Service Announcement about the upcoming service event and post it on YouTube.