Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Heeding the Call: A Program on Justicemaking for Junior High School Youth

Leader Resource 1: Is This Acting With Courage?

1. Sophia, a 5-year old girl, walks out on the diving board. Her mom is in the swimming pool below encouraging her to jump. Sophia's legs are shaking. She tells her mom that she doesn't think she can do it. Sophia's mom offers more words of encouragement. Sophia plugs her nose, closes her eyes and jumps in the pool. Did Sophia act with courage?

2. Oliver is about to enter the 8th grade when a new family moves in next door. They have a son named LeRoi who is about to enter the 7th grade. Oliver and LeRoi discover they both love to play the saxophone and quickly become friends. The new school year begins and in the first week, one of Oliver's friends from elementary school begins teasing LeRoi in the hallway. Oliver is standing just a few feet away and watches LeRoi ask that the teasing stop. Oliver says nothing as LeRoi turns away with tears in his eyes. Did Oliver act with courage?

3. Lily has wanted to ask Delaney out on a date ever since they co-founded the LGBTQ Equality Committee at their college. She's been too afraid of ruining their friendship, though, so she hasn't said anything. Eventually she decides she can't handle not knowing if Delaney is also interested in her so she asks her out. Delaney is surprised. She thinks of Lily as a great person and a great friend, but she's just not attracted to her. Still, she's afraid of hurting Lily's feelings. She even considers saying "yes" just so Lily won't be hurt, but she decides against it. She tells Lily that she really enjoys spending time together because she thinks Lily is a great person and great friend, but she only sees them being great friends and nothing more. What emotions did they have in common? Who acted with courage?