Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Heeding the Call: A Program on Justicemaking for Junior High School Youth

Handout 1: Access Checklist for Meeting and Conference Planning

From the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregation’s Office of Multicultural Growth and Witness.

1. Have the meeting and lodging sites been evaluated by someone with knowledge of disabilities?

2. Physical Accommodations:

  • handicapped parking (flat, close to major entrance)?
  • ramped, flat access to major entrance?
  • automatic door or greeter/ staff at entrance?
  • accessible bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower)?
  • accessible bedroom (access to closet, lowered clothes pole,lowered andadjustable lighting)?
  • accessible meeting rooms (amount of room, lighting)?
  • an elevator or lift, if needed?
  • accessible dining room, bar, and public gathering places?
  • lowered water fountains?
  • lowered public telephone with volume control?
  • fragrance free areas?
  • are wheelchairs available to borrow?

3. Chemical Sensitivity Accommodations (non-scented cleaning and personal products in the meeting rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms)

4. Vision Accommodations (adequate and adjustable lighting, large print and alternative formats available—taped, Braille, disks)

5. Hearing Accommodations (ASL interpreters, assistive listening system and/or personal device, hand held microphone, other)

6. Dietary (allergic, vegetarian, other)

7. Do any attendees require personal assistance? If so, what type?

8. Additional needs: ___________________________