Tapestry of Faith: Heeding the Call: A Program on Justicemaking for Junior High School Youth

Faith In Action: Spreading Joy

Preparation for Activity

  • Find a theater/group that works well with youth. Or, enlist actors within your congregation who would like to assist youth with this activity.

Description of Activity

Participants bring fun and joy to others.

Laughter is 30 times more likely to happen in a group situation than when alone. So find a group, create some laughs and spread the joy! Partner with a local theater troupe (perhaps you have a local chapter of Clowns Without Borders) and create a Joy For All Night for children in your area. Possible locations for such a night could include a school in your area that serves troubled youth, a childcare center that serves low-income families, or a children's hospital.

Performers could act out a couple of funny skits: remember to use humor that laughs with others, not at them. You could host game stations and craft stations, where children could make gifts to spread a little joy to those they love. If you hold this event during a holiday season (Valentine's Day or the winter holidays), you could create a card station. See Alternate Activity 1, Joy to the World Greetings for card station ideas.