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Taking It Home: Atheism and Agnosticism: Not in Temples Made with Hands

I am neither Jew nor Gentile, Mahomedan nor Theist; I am but a member of the human family, and would accept of truth by whomsoever offered -- that truth which we can all find, if we will but seek—in things, not in words; in nature, not in human imagination; in our own hearts, not in temples made with hands. — Frances Wright, freethinker and social reformer

DURING TODAY’S WORKSHOP… We explored Atheism and Agnosticism. We acknowledged the struggles people with these beliefs sometimes experience in our country. We discussed the connection between these beliefs and Unitarian Universalism, and the social or political values they share.


Why do you think more and more people identify themselves as non-believers?


  • Want to read a nice, short, article about one person’s atheist’s faith? Read What Is Atheism Really All About? by Richard Carrier.
  • Have you ever questioned your faith, like Mary McCarthy? Was someone there to help you process your thoughts? What about your friends – have they questioned their faith?
  • Do you and your friends discuss religion? Some people never discuss religion, afraid that it will be too divisive. Have you found this to be true? How can you have a healthy discussion about religion with your friends where no one gets hurt or angry?
  • Atheists Nexus has a website for young atheists. Many websites for “young atheists” are geared primarily for college students. Why do you think this is so? This site welcomes younger members and people not in school.