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Taking It Home: Islam 1: Peace by Surrender

Living life where you're remembering God intentionally, consciously, just changes everything. — Ann Holmes Redding, in the Seattle Times, June 17, 2007; Redding is an African American who served nearly 30 years as an Episcopal priest before being defrocked for professing faith as a Muslim; Redding sees no conflict and considers herself both Christian and Muslim

IN TODAY'S WORKSHOP... we started our experiences with Islam. We heard the story of Muhammad's life and learned the Five Pillars of Islam.


The Seattle Times ran an article about Ann Holmes, in which she mentioned "knowing at all times I'm in between prayers" as part of her Muslim faith. The article continued, "She likens it to being in love, constantly looking forward to having 'all these dates with God.... Living a life where you're remembering God intentionally, consciously, just changes everything.'"

Have you ever thought about a connection to the divine as being similar to a love affair?


  • Spend some time with the Qur'an, either online or in book form.
  • Watch this video from a Muslim blogger, Baba Ali, about his Hajj. There is humor in his presentation, but he also makes points about some of what is special about Hajj.
  • Some UU congregations have partnered with Muslim groups to do service work together in their local communities. In the Family pages insert in UU World magazine for Fall, 2011, find stories and reflections about interfaith life in our contemporary communities.