Tapestry of Faith: Building Bridges: A World Religions Program for 8th-9th Grades

Activity 4: Time Line

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Religions Time Line
  • Globe or world map
  • Tape, thumbtacks or other approved material to affix time line and map to wall/surface

Preparation for Activity

  • Prepare the time line you will use throughout the program (see Program Introduction, Materials). I will be blank, with no data, except a title and dates.

Description of Activity

Participants are introduced to the Religions Time Line and the world map.

Ask volunteers to help you post the time line and, if you have one, the map. Make these points:

1. As the year proceeds, the group will explore many faiths. Some of them emerged so long ago their origins are lost to antiquity; there is no way to know when they began (indicate far left of time line). We will look at faiths that emerged through recorded history, coming all the way (move along time line toward present day) to religions that were born within the lifetimes of your parents and grandparents.

2. Faiths have emerged at various places in the world (point to Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America), and we will be look at that, too.

3. Remember we talked about religion growing out of human experience to fulfill human need? We may explore 16 or more religions this year. How would you expect their origins to be distributed along this time line? Would they be evenly distributed across human history, or spread out? How else could they be distributed? [Reflect youth's answers verbally and by indicating on the time line.] How would you expect the religions' origins to be distributed on the world map? [Reflect their answers verbally and by indicating on the map.] This will be exciting to watch unfold as we go through the year, and to discover together. We will be able to see religion emerging in response to human need, on the map and on the time line. When there is enormous change happening in the world, there is movement in religion, too.