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Coloring Sheets for K-1 Stories!

All four of the 16-session curricula for grades K-1 in Tapestry of Faith—provided online at no charge on the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website—now provide an original, black-and-white, line art illustration to accompany each story.

Ten artists contributed to a body of more than 60 coloring sheets available to download from the UUA website. Each drawing thoughtfully amplifies its story and was designed to engage the imaginations and motor skills of children ages 4 through 6.

Families as well as religious educators are welcome to download, print, and enjoy these drawings at home along with the stories they illustrate.

If you are telling a story while leading Wonderful Welcome, sharing one from Creating Home in a Time for All Ages, or perhaps reading a story from Love Surrounds Us or World of Wonder to children at home, invite children to color while they listen. Or, have children color afterward to revisit the characters, recall the story, and find new meaning.

Online, each illustration is presented alongside its story so that you can download and copy the single sheet. Also, every curriculum provides its group of coloring sheets as a packet:
Creating Home packet (PDF, 18 pages)
Wonderful Welcome packet (PDF, 17 pages)
Love Surrounds Us packet (PDF, 17 pages)
World of Wonder packet (PDF, 15 pages)

To share how you are using the illustrations and stories in children's faith development or to learn about the artists who created the coloring sheets, please contact Susan Lawrence, Managing Editor for the UUA Faith Development Office.

Tapestry of Faith, Wonderful Welcome, Session 6 JPEG illustration for How Coyote Lost His Songs

Illustration (coloring sheet) by Suzi Grossman for "How Coyote Lost His Songs, Music, and Dance," in Session 6 of Wonderful Welcome.

Tapestry of Faith, Wonderful Welcome, Session 15 JPEG illustration for Maya's Questions

Illustration (coloring sheet) by Nancy Meshkoff for "Maya's Questions," in Session 15 of Wonderful Welcome.