Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirituality and the Arts in Children's Programming: A Resource for Religious Educators

Simple dance activities

  • Children can move to music in any way they wish; first as individuals, then with a partner, then in threes, fours, and finally as group
  • Move using scarves or netting or other material as extension of your body.
  • Move to express a poem or saying

Body prayer can be used in the opening or closing rituals to have children get used to moving as a spiritual response. You can also have someone knowledgeable teach some yoga or tai chi moves as a form of body prayer. Below is a simple body prayer that anyone can do.

Universal Body Prayer (movements in parentheses)

Everyone stand.

I will teach you the movements first, then we will practice them once. You will then do them three times at your own pace.

Take a deep breath and let it out, feeling your connection with all through the breath.

Begin in an attitude of prayer for we are all seekers. (hands in prayer position)

Lift up and out with your hands, reaching up to that which is beyond you: the universe, the mystery, the spirit of life, God. Ask for what you need, praise the universal good, set an intention for yourself. (lift hands up and out over head)

Then gather in all the gifts that you have been given, wisdom, nurture, comfort, talents.

Hug them to yourself and be thankful. (bring hands back to body and hold or hug across heart)

Then, as with all gifts, what we have been given needs to be shared. So let your gifts go back into the world. (let hands go forward in front of body then downward to let go)

Practice once more.

Deep breath and let it out.

Attitude of Prayer.

Lift arms up and out to what is beyond you.

Gather gifts back in.

Let gifts go back into the world.

Now do this three times at your own pace.

(When everyone has finished, say "Blessed Be" or "Amen.")